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RAERESA is the “Regional Association of Energy Regulators for Eastern and Southern Africa”. It is a COMESA specialised agency mandated to promote integration and investment in the energy sector in COMESA member states by creating a harmonised regulatory environment. Through RAERESA,  the national regulators cooperate and exchange best practice.

RAERESA’s mission is to  promote energy regulation and protect consumer welfare within the COMESA region thereby facilitating regional integration of the energy markets in the COMESA region.

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Develop a strategy to provide an integrated framework in the development of renewable energy in order to achieve COMESA Region’s clean energy goals to increased share of renewable energy in the energy mix.


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Harmonize legal and regulatory frameworks to enhance integration of energy systems and energy trade, as well as enable energy investments in COMESA and beyond.


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Develop capacities of members and share information, statistics and databases to enhance regulatory practices and enable member institutions drive the process of regional regulatory and policy harmonization.


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Develop a strategy to provide an integrated framework in the development of energy efficiency in order to achieve the COMESA Region’s clean energy goals to promote energy efficient technologies and practices.


Our Vision: To be a centre of excellence for energy regulation and consumer protection in the COMESA Region.

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The specific objectives are:

  1. To achieve an enhanced harmonised, efficient and gender-sensitive regulatory environment in the COMESA region; and
  2. Capacitate  regional regulatory associations  and power pools to more effectively oversee and stimulate increased regional power trade.


RAERESA was officially launched on 16 March 2009 and came officially into existence with the signing of its Constitution by seven national energy regulators from COMESA Member States, namely: Ethiopia, Egypt, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Rwanda and Sudan. Currently, as at March 2020, RAERESA has 14 Full Members and 5 Associate Members.

RAERESA is currently housed at the COMESA Secretariat, on Ben Bella Road, Lusaka – ZAMBIA


Numbers don’t lie

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